Monday, October 11, 2010

WIN Cupcakes by EAT MY TREATS!!!!!

Eat My Treats is GIVING away free cupcakes to every 6th person to DONATE to sending RAYE 6 & THE BUBBLE GIRLS TO JAPAN!!!!!

Here's the deal. It's Japan or Bust for Raye 6 & The Bubble Girls they're heading to Shibuya, Tokyo Nov 8-14 for Japan Music Week and need OUR help! Every 6th donation gets a free batch of YUMMY Eat My Treats cupcakes!

We have 3 for you to choose from:

"Red Velvet"

"Thank God For Chocolate"


Go to Psychologically 6 to find out more about Raye 6 & The Bubble Girls JAPAN or BUST!

Click Donate and add any amount you would like to give to Raye 6 & The Bubble Girls!

While you're here look through our Blog at our delicious treats!

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  1. this place is dope this is my spot for the city but for nj i only deal with crave cupcakery!